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      High-voltage electric automotive interior of automotive inte

      When measured with a multimeter resistance high-voltage electric automotive interior, according to the following ways:
      a Select the appropriate gear ratio. Multimeter block ohm scale line is uneven, so the gear ratio should be selected so that the pointer stays in tick dilute part is appropriate, and the pointer closer to the middle of the scale, the more accurate the reading. Under normal circumstances, it should make pointer at the scale of 1/3 to 2/3.

      b ohm zero. Before measuring the resistance, should short the two test leads while adjusting "Ohm (electrical) zero knob," so that the pointer just refers to the right of the line of zero ohms scale. If the pointer can not be transferred to the zero position, the battery voltage is low or there is a problem within the instrument. And each gear ratio for once, should be carried out ohm zero again, in order to ensure accurate measurement.

      c Reading: reading meter multiplied by the ratio, the resistance of the resistor is measured.
      Cylinder line, also known as high-voltage, high-voltage wiring by definition is shouldering the high-voltage transmission emitted by the high-voltage coil spark plug flow task. A group of excellent high-voltage conductors must have a minimum current consumption and to avoid electromagnetic interference generated by high voltage transmission.
      Standard sub-cylinder line is 5K secondary ignition coil generates high voltage power is certain, if the cylinder line resistance is small, the current is large, spark plugs have a very strong spark, but time is very short duration, to ignite the mixture unfavorable. Increases the resistance is to reduce the current to the spark duration, which will help ignite the mixture.
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