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    1. Welcome to Changzhou painuo Electronic Co. ltd.!
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      High-voltage electric automotive interiorcommon fault which

      1 electric car the car off the high voltage or leakage;
      2 distributor cap rupture breakdown;
      3 distributor Rotor ablation rupture breakdown;
      4 spark plug electrode gap is too large or too small;
      5 spark plug fouling too much;
      6 spark plug insulator damage;
      7 ignition coil wiring damaged or fall off;
      8 premature ignition timing.
      (1) Symptom: idling is not smooth, easy to turn off; acceleration, the engine has a serious knock sound.
      (2) Failure Analysis: The failure was mainly the ignition timing adjustment or ignition angle misalignment due to inaccurate assembly.
      (3) Remedy: even better ignition tester, adjust the ignition advance angle to a predetermined value.
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